This website will give you all the information you need for Home Automation… and to get you excited about it. If you can’t find anything though, just contact us. It’s that easy!

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Home Automation 101 has been established to explain in plain English, to you, the growing benefits and demand of home automation systems, the internet of things, and the smart home concept.

Richard Pascoe – technology consultant and media commentator is our guy. We approached him, to help us. To share the B.One Home Automation kit offer to you; to lend his expertise and easy manner. We feel previously these simple technology concepts may not have been explained well, leaving you the consumer confused or with unanswered questions, with nowhere to turn.

So what is Home Automation 101? And what will you discover on this website? We hope to:

  • Address and explain the ” Smart Home ” concept
  • Help you understand how to get the most out of home automation
  • Address and explain potential issues you may experience with Home Automation, in clear “plain english”.

You will hear and read words like:

  • Home automation
  • Smart home.

Home automation is the use of a device to control basic home functions and features automatically and remotely.

A smart home is a residence using home automation via an app, for example on a smartphone or other networked device, to control devises and appliances in the home (ie via the automation system).

What can home automation control ?

Home automation can control:

  • Lighting; scheduling and automatic operation of lighting eg dimming, on and off at certain times when you are on holidays
  • Lighting; understand when lights are left on and be able to turn them down or off when out
  • Heating and air conditioning, from your chair, bed or car!
  • Security systems
  • Entertainment systems
  • Window coverings

The possibilities are limitless.


What are the benefits to home automation ?

You save money! In real terms, you reduce your electricity costs by simply knowing what appliances are on, or alternatively have better control over them. So, savings and control are the key benefits – and in the time of growing power prices, you need all the help you can get.

Home automation should be:

  • NOT just about turning devices On and Off.
  • NOT just a fancy toy to impress your friends and family.
  • NOT complicated.
  • Simple to install, simple to use.
  • Providing savings and lifestyle choices.

It’s that easy. If you think this sounds perfect for your own home, contact us today.