Anything that connects to the internet and relies on wifi to connect needs a stable connection that reaches throughout the home or premises and reaches all the internet connected devices we have in our home and will accommodate the future growing list.

We have all experienced wifi connection issues and wifi coverage issues but do we know the causes and what we have to do to address them.

Many homes or premises can have areas where wifi does not stretch to or has a poor signal , this can be due to:

  • Walls – metal sheets inside – thickness of the wall
  • The build of the home
  • Location of equiment – having to go through kitchens – distance from router
  • Old Equipment – Router – too old – not using extenders ( which will push the signal further )
  • Incorrect Equipment – you were sold something based on price not purpose

So how do we achieve good wifi coverage in our homes or businesses ?

By addressing the issues above.


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