When it comes to Home Automation , I am often asked is Home Automation hard , can I set it up , will I need help.

The great answer is that you can probably do it yourself.

There are some elements of setting up home automation devices that maybe a bit complicated but the complication will be in the logistics of settings it up not the technology.

Let me give you some examples:

  • I can choose to replace a lightbulb and control that lightbulb via an app
  • I can choose to replace a light switch with a dimmer that I can control via an app ( you will need an electrician though to install the dimmer)
  • I can choose to replace my door lock and control that door lock with an app
  • I can choose to install a simple DIY solution such as the B.One Hub to control my Home Automation devices

So the lesson is we have options – don’t be intimated by the technology and reach out for help if needed , you will enjoy the journey.


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