Here at Home Automation 101 we love Home Automation and the benefits it can deliver to you.

Home automation is a growing sector in the tech industry that you will hear increasingly more about this year and beyond.

Here are 5 more ideas that should sow the seeds of how and why you should be using Home Automation when it comes to doors in your home.

  • Receive an alert when a door is opened – great for security and peace of mind
  • Do you wait up at night for children to come home – have your lights automated to turn on in your bedroom when they come through the front door – you can also setup your smartphone app to notify you when the door is locked again.
  • Receive a message on your smartphone when your children get home from school when they come through the door
  • Do you keep alcohol in a cabinet at home and want to monitor when someone opens it – you can receive a notification on your smartphone when it has been opened.
  • Do you have a room such as an office or a wine cellar that should not be accessed when you may not be there – receive a notification on your smartphone when motion has been detected.

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