When selling a home you want as much value for your home as you can and real estate agents will want your home to be presented in the best light to maximise value and sale price.

So the questions are?

  • Can technology play a part?
  • Can a smart home upgrade increase your home’s resale value?
  • Can a true smart home technology solution influence prospective buyers.

We have discussed the many ways that Home Automation can be used but showing prospective buyers the:

  • Security that can be provided through Home Automation
  • The savings that can be made through automating light and power
  • The control of your household devices such as a wireless speaker system through Home Automation

Make Home Automation an ideal selling tool

Smarthomes are the future and we should start to see a growing expectation that homes should have smart devices and a system controlling the devices.

Smarthomes can add the ” wow ” factor to your home and ultimately its sale.


So what do you look for in a Smarthome upgrade?

  • Devices and software that work across all platforms – Apple or Android – through an app
  • Being able to use Google Home , Amazon Alexa
  • Being able to retrofit an exisiting home to maximise benefits and for that impress factor.


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